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2021 in one minute and a few words

2021 was our 10th year shooting weddings, and it started slowly.
Due to the pandemic, many of our weddings were postponed to later in the year. That meant that in May, June, July and August we only had 7 weddings. Still, we started in the Azores and ended in Paris.
And then September arrived. We had just moved. We left Kira at the pet hotel and flew to Austria, with all our stuff still packed back home.
What followed is just a blur.
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Featured on Amber and Muse, a sustainable inspiration

Inspired by our five senses and our sensorial memory, we designed and shot this editorial featured on Amber and Muse, today.

In the beginning of the year Carmo from Quinta dos Machados, invited us to be part of an idea they had.

They wanted to create something inspired by the concept of sustainability and of course, we jump right in.

“Sensory memory retains the information that comes to us through sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. This is an immediate and constant memory.
How can we explore this concept, presenting a result that above all is sustainable, unpretentious and authentic. That reflects environmental concerns, that makes you think, of the concept of  “less.” May we take a step back in a society that is mostly consumerist and disposable.”

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Don’t postpone love | Covid-19 and Weddings

Nobody really knows when are things going back to normal, and actually, nobody knows what the new “normal” is going to look like.

At a time when the wedding industry is under the spotlight – we talked with the journalist of a portuguese newspaper about it (Dinheiro Vivo ) – and people are starting to talk about how weddings can resume in Portugal, we have to ask ourselves: do the couples want to get married in 2020?

What about us? Are we capable to offer our best work to those couples?

If you’re saying YES, let’s do it! We’re with you in this adventure and we’ll make the best of it.

Nevertheless, we want to show you something different. It’s not a replacement, but an option.

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The project 40.40.40 gathers in 40 days of quarantine 40 stories through they eyes of 40 wedding photo and video professionals.

This is our contribute to the project (in portuguese).

Why should you have video on your wedding day?

This photo is going to be printed and framed in our office, it’s a photo from Passionate Photography . It means so much to us. It has so many details and brings so many feelings.⠀It shows why you should have video on your wedding day.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
This is Ivo and Fernando. Fernando was handsomely elegant on his wedding day with Meaghan and was super happy to have us there.

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