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Hindu and jewish wedding in a vineyard

Portugal is a beautiful destination for weddings. We’ve been making some wedding videos for couples that fell in love with our country. We’ve never imagined that we would be making destination weddings with such a big mix of cultures, religions and landscapes.
Sharmila and Rick chose our beautiful Portugal and had fun in Lisbon and got married in Douro. They had a beautiful jewish ceremony mixed with an hindu ceremony, under the trees and with a scenery filled with vines.

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Morocco 2018

Morocco, the dunes and the colors blew our minds a year ago. We had our first holidays since we started this adventure of wedding video and the place we chose was Morocco.

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S. Miguel, Azores

August, 2017

We made a beautiful wedding video in the Azores, this one that you can watch here of Laura and David and we were amazed by the beauty of the island. We photographed a lot and we want to show it to you, now that we’re going back to S. Miguel!

During our trip to Azores we explored the island, both alone and with Laura and David. We understand now why they call it “the green island”, and that images can’t show everything that you feel when you’re there.

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