ELOPING IN SCOTLAND – Gràdh Geal Mo Chridh’ // Fair Love Of My Heart

Ged nach eil sinn fhathast pòsd’
Tha mi’n dòchas gum bi
Fhad’ ‘s a mhaireas mo dhà dhòrn
Cha bhith lòn oirnn a dhìth

We were searching for something meaningful to include in Chelsea and Brendan’s film, when we found this Gaelic poem/song. It translates roughly to:

Although we are not yet married
I hope we will be
As long as there is strength in my two fists
We will want for nothing

That’s how we decided to begin the film.

“You have such nice weather in Portugal”. Yes we do! And we’re so used to it that shooting a wedding in the not-so-sunny-look-it’s-raining-again Scotland in the middle of December (it gets dark at 3pm) can present itself as the biggest challenge!

Well, if it rains, it rains! We wrapped our cameras in plastic and hoped for the best.

Chelsea and Brendan decided to tie the knot in the Ayr definetely not for its sunny weather, so we have to incorporate the rain in their movie. But do you want to know about the best part of it? After the ceremony it stopped raining, and we even had a bit of sun in the end.

All in all, it was a pretty good day!