Ashley first reached out to us all the way back in 2019, for their 2020 elopement. You know how the story goes, you’ve heard it many times before – it eventually happened in September 2021.

Couples elope for many different reasons – either to escape the stress of planning a big event, to celebrate their love in an intimate way, or just to have the opportunity to celebrate it in a remote and special place.

Ashley and Jared picked Glencoe, in the Scottish Highlands. Scotland is definitely not known for its hot weather and sunny beaches – we know that firsthand, we’ve had the opportunity of shooting there before. So we expected some rain, and we were prepared for it. Weatherproof shoes, raincoats and plastic covers for our cameras.

What no-one predicted however, was that a literal storm would creep up on us on our way up the Three Sisters. So there we were – two videographers, the photographer, the celebrant, and of course, Ashley and Jared, near a cliff, with heavy rains and very strong winds. And they just pushed through it.

There was no rain, there was no wind, and there was no pandemic that would delay this moment another day. It was an enormous release, a huge display of love and will, that nothing could stop. In the film we tried to leave some of the “rawness” of the moment, to convey that sense of vulnerability but also their perseverance and intent to get married.