Elopement in Madeira – Four Things To Know When Eloping

When you go and elope on a island there’s a few things you should know beforehand so everything falls into place!

  • Weather can change rapidly if you go to the mountains. It can be beautiful and dramatic and usually photographers and videographers love it! But it can get a bit chilly, so maybe pickup something to make you comfortable (maybe some boots or an echarpe).
  • It’s an adventure and exploring day, you should bring some comfortable shoes (and change it for some Louboutins for ceremony and some images).
  • You’ll be with your photographers and videographers for some hours and it will get really intimate. They (we!) are your only witnesses and guests at the same time.
  • If you want to get a civil ceremony and a symbolic one, make sure that you understand the laws of the country you chose and have all the documentation needed in advance. You can ask for help to a celebrant or reaserch online.

A two-days elopement in Madeira is the kind of adventure we like to get in.

Ami and Jecan visited Madeira and fell in love with it. The mountains, the cliffs, the rough sea have a different feeling of the exotic fruits, the colorful houses and kind people. An elopement is a perfect way to run away from big wedding planning and have an intimate exchanging of vows and powerful feelings. During these two days, we got to know each other and went to visit the island to make some engagement images and start building up for the next day, the wedding day. We went looking for black sand beaches and had some fun exploring (and making them comfortable with the cameras). On the wedding day, they had a place in mind but it had some tourists. With team work (us and the photographer Eric René Penoy) we found the perfect spot – no tourist, breathtaking scenery – and the weather brought all the drama we wanted. Ami and Jecan vows were intentional and powerful. The ceremony was faithful to who they are as a couple.