Couple holding hands walking in Marrakech
Dreamy & Luxurious Moroccan Wedding in Marrakech

Marrakech! We can tell you that it’s an incredible place to get married. The weather is beautiful, the food is amazing, and the music is always on point. When we had the opportunity to film a wedding there, we knew it would be amazing! The wedding was in a five-star hotel, which means that it was very elegant and luxurious. It also meant that there was a pre-wedding party on the desert just before the ceremony. The bride and groom were from New York City and were getting married in Marrakech because they wanted to have a more traditional Moroccan party than some of their friends had experienced—but also wanted all of their friends’ experiences at once! They built out an entire venue at the desert for their guests and had them come as they pleased: some came with earth tones clothing; others wore Moroccan dress; still others wore suits and ties. Pretty much everyone was having fun together! It’s so cool seeing how different cultures can experience love in such different ways—and then seeing how those differences become unimportant when everyone’s just having a good time together!


Wedding Planner: Boutique Souk Photographers: La Dichosa Wedding Venue: Selman Marrakech Dress: Khyeli Suit: Thom Sweeney Bride shoes: Rene Caovilla