We are a romantic couple, in love with the sea and nature. We love doing long walks, we love cinema, travelling through our country, tasting the best of the local food and wine. We are catholic, we are solidary (we have travelled to São Tomé with this purpose), we love to know small places and the people who live there, we collect happy moments and memories. We are a team and this is the way we fight our battles.

Laura and David live with the Azores islands in their hearts. Their love for S. Miguel is so big that only their love for each other surpasses it. During our trip to Azores we explored the island, both alone and with Laura and David. We understand now why they call it “the green island”, and that images can’t show everything that you feel when you’re there.

We arrived in Lisbon on sunday and we’re still in a haze with our wedding and honey moon! We were very emotional and happy and we try to relive the moments! We want to go back and relive it because it was all so fast. Our journey begins now! Yesterday we watched the teaser and we’re very emotional!! It’s beautiful!

Laura David