Inspired by our five senses and our sensorial memory, we designed and shot this editorial featured on Amber and Muse, today.

In the beginning of the year Carmo from Quinta dos Machados, invited us to be part of an idea they had.

They wanted to create something inspired by the concept of sustainability and of course, we jump right in.

“Sensory memory retains the information that comes to us through sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. This is an immediate and constant memory.
How can we explore this concept, presenting a result that above all is sustainable, unpretentious and authentic. That reflects environmental concerns, that makes you think, of the concept of  “less.” May we take a step back in a society that is mostly consumerist and disposable.”


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Direção criativa e flores: Sofia Ferreira de Brancoprata 

Fotografia Andre Teixeira de Brancoprata 

Segundo fotógrafo Claudio Barbosa para Brancoprata 

Videografia Vanessa Ivo Films

Maquilhagem e cabelo Pretty Exquisite

Jóias Dalila Gomes Jewellery

Modelo Uliana via Bestmodels Agency

Estacionário Etc & Company

Espaço Quinta dos Machados

Bolo TBakes

Aluguer de materiais Maison Christina

Louças Studio Neves

Fundo de styling Saava Studio