Palácio Marqueses da Fronteira

We don’t have words to tell you how beautiful and elegant this wedding was. All the details were careful chosen by Raquel, who’s a lover of the arts and had a very visual idea of what she wanted from her morning preparations to the party.

When we meet a couple, we tell them that their wedding video will reflect the mood of the day – from the moment we are in their preparations to the party we absorb the feelings of the day – Raquel and Derek’s was elegance and intimacy. There was a moment in the bride’s room , where Ivo asked Raquel to pose near the window, so they could film and photograph the light in her face and her wedding dress. When Ivo showed the images to her, she told him that she imagined that and that she had that image in her inspiration board.

Yes, we do  feel the day and we understand the emotions that made you choose the details.

This wedding video was filmed in Palácio dos  Marqueses da Fronteira, in Lisbon.


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