Jessica & Nathan

An elopement in Paris

An elopement in Paris

We went to Paris, the city of love a couple of times  and we totally understand why this city is the city of light. Its streets have a very soft light and for us every corner is photogenic.

We strolled through the streets , the day before, went to the Louvre and we helped on choosing the spot for the elopement ceremony.

Jessica & Nathan are a power couple of american politics. They are also the example of the american culture mix that walks in Los Angeles, where they’re from. Jessica and Nathan met at Obama’s campaign and fell deeply in love. As they’re from different cultures, they have surpassed some obstacles to be together. They wanted their wedding to be pure, without politics and misconceptions, so they went to Paris with two of their best friends and eloped.

They had their friend celebrating the ceremony in a place we helped to choose (not a very obvious place and we had to go beyond what was permitted by security reasons, but it was worth it) – Parc Monceau. Everything was planned very quickly, the flowers were chosen on the day; they weren’t ready for the cold so we bought a scarf for her to wear and we photographed and filmed whenever we found  a meaningful place.

We met the day before, went to the Louvre, rode the metropolitain, talked about how they met at the Barack Obama 2008 presidential campaign and fell in love. On their wedding day, the morning started slowly with breakfast, make up and hair – together in the same room.

An elopement is a beautiful way to live the wedding ceremony, slowly, in a special place where the feelings come out stronger.

Nathan wrote some beautiful words for us to get to know them:

We met while working on President Obama’s reelection campaign in northeastern Ohio. I still remember the moment we met–I pulled up on my way to a meeting, listening to “Till There Was You” by The Beatles (which turns out to be Jessica’s favorite band). As fate would have it, I parked next to Jessica. We were then introduced and started dating a few weeks later. At the time, I had already accepted an offer to begin law school in my home state of Oklahoma and soon had to move back.

We dated long distance for about 6 months. After the distance became too much, I submitted an application to the University of Southern California so I could transfer law schools and move to Los Angeles (where Jessica is from). Jessica even joined me in Oklahoma for a few months as a I finished my first year of law school.

I asked Jessica to marry me 3 years ago in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome. We took our engagement photos in Paris and fell in love with its timeless beauty, classic architecture, grand boulevards and charming cafes. After a few years of trying to save and plan for a wedding, we finally decided to elope in the City of Lights.

We still love politics–I work as a political and election lawyer. Jessica also works with campaigns and nonprofit civic organizations and is applying to law school. We live in downtown Los Angeles.

I write you this so that you can get to know us a little better. We can’t wait for this special day and are excited that you will be capturing these moments with us. 

Vendors Photography and video: Vanessa & Ivo | Hair and make up: Onorima Jomir | Bride’s dress: Sophia Tolli


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