Neon | You can’t outrun our love

Styled shoot

We love the outrun aesthetics. Retrofuturist 80s aesthetic of fast cars, neon lights and chrome.

 We love the sense of a better future.

Inspired by this we created a neon outrun wedding styled shoot, where we connect technology and electronics with nature and the biggest power of all: LOVE.

Two lovers, newly weds who eloped and spent their wedding night listening and dancing to Kavinsky.

Our lovers are dressed very elegantly by Gio Rodrigues, with a pant suit for the bride and a black cool suit for the groom. The hair and make up makes us reminisce of the 80’s wih the lights being reflected by the lipgloss.

You can watch the cool wedding video here: 

Vendors:  Photography and creative direction: Vanessa & Ivo | Bride’s pantsuit and groom’s suit: Gio Rodrigues | Hair: Cinderela by Sofia Marino | Make up: Alexandra Castro


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