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A photographer and a videographer get married

This is a love story. Mel and Lu met 10 years ago and got married this year.

When I, Vanessa, started loving photography, I found some women photographers whose work I loved and dreamed to photograph as good as they did. One of them was Ana Luísa Pinto and her photos that looked like paintings. I was hooked to her art. Years passed and I keep following her work. And finally I met her a few years ago. She came to our Something Blue Workshop and I finally expressed my love for her work.

But this is not about me. It’s about them and their wedding day. We were fortunate enough to be chosen by them to make the photography and videography of their wedding day. A day filled with color and with lots of love. With close friends and family as witnesses, they exchanged love vows and rings. 

Having these two as brides meant two pairs of shoes and two dresses. What a dream!

The day was all about them. Friends made sure they floated with happiness and their family gave the strongest hugs.

They got ready in different rooms, building up emotions for the first look! We asked if they wanted to hold hands and talk for a bit to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Since 2010, same-sex marriage is legal in Portugal and in that aspect we’re proud of our little country! 

Photography and videography: Vanessa & Ivo  



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