Destination wedding in Greece

Wedding photography

Getting married in Greece

We sometimes say that the world is small. The more we live, travel and know people, the more we understand that we’re similar to each other and sometimes we know someone in common.
Amanda and Amin reached out to us because a friend showed them a wedding video (where she gave a speech) of an american couple who got married in Portugal (hi @bmim and @jnb_socute!). They were getting married in Greece, in the Athens Riviera and joining families of a cultural mix, just like the big pot of cultures that London, their home, is.
The wedding day comes and a (metaphorical) lighting strucks all of us: amongst the groomsmen is Arash. We did Arash and Ivana’s wedding video in the Algarve, some years ago, and Amin was the celebrant! And we didn’t recognize each other – we were in a different country, our hair styles changed and “I think I know that person but maybe not”.
We hugged them, laughed with them and said “the world is small”.


Photography and videography: Vanessa & Ivo  

Wedding Planner @pointofu_
Dress @galialahav @brownsbride
Suits @suitsupply
Venue @themargihotel @islandartandtaste


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