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Areias do Seixo Wedding

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Riding in a tuk-tuk while filming is not the easiest of tasks. Our driver was good enough to speak about the city of Lisbon, overtake the bride and groom tuk – tuk and give us the best shots of the city!
Bari and Stephen had a multiple day wedding celebration and the tuk-tuk drive was part of the Lisbon experience, before a wonderful meal at Praia no Parque. But this was just a warm-up.

The big day happened at Areias do Seixo, a venue we wanted to visit since forever. Bari and Stephen had the most beautiful jewish ceremony, outside at an amazing setting, and we had the incredible honor of being surrounded by some of our favourite vendors – hi Evoke, hello Branco Prata!

After the ceremony the guests were treated to some tasty portuguese cuisine (canned sardines included!). Dinner was served at the Greenhouse – check out the amazing decor by the venue – and eventually the party moved back to the hotel. Let us tell you, these guys knew how to party!

Watch it all in this video: