Morocco, the dunes and the colors blew our minds a year ago. We had our first holidays since we started this adventure of wedding video and the place we chose was Morocco.

We flew to Marrakech, got a rental car and made a road trip to Erg Chebbi and its golden dunes. The first thing we learned was to haggle. Everything was for sale and you had to haggle. It wasn’t easy for us but in the last two days we were good at it. The architecture is so different and beautiful, so ancient and raw at the same time. We really love to know other cultures.

Driving in Marrakesh was crazy, lots of scooters and nobody followed the rules – we saw a scooter in a roundabout doing it clockwise… But the roadtrip was so awesome. We saw different villages and towns with different clothes, some used white scarfs, other used black burqas.

Erg Chebbi was a dream to me (Vanessa). The silence, the camels, the colour of the sand. It was one of the coolest place I’ve been.

See all the photos, ask us questions, dream with the golden Morocco.