A solution for when you can’t surround yourself with everyone you want to.


We’re living in different times. We know it’s easy to plan a wedding and to not be able, for one reason or another, to surround yourself with everyone you care about.

With that in mind, and due to several requests from our couples, we decided to offer a  Ceremony Livestreaming Service starting in 2021.

Streaming Options

We always avoid talking about the technical stuff with our couples. The films we create, are for us, a result of the day’s emotions and not due to the gear we use. However, in regards to streaming, we feel the need to make this introduction because it depends much more on the technical aspects.

First of all we need to mention that streaming will not interfere with shooting your wedding, and doesn’t change the way we shoot your ceremony. Your film is always our priority and we’ll have a second team just for the streaming.

Our streaming options increase in price as we introduce complexity – more cameras, more staff, more technical needs. However, there are some elements that are the same in every option.

  • We’ll use the best audio possible. We’ll try to use the same audio that we use for the film. That way people at home will have the best experience possible.
  • It’s possible to insert overlays, intros and outros.
  • We stream using 4G connectivity, so we’re dependant on each location network signal.
  • We can stream your ceremony on Youtube, Facebook (page or profile), or a custom password protected page on our website.
  • After the streaming your ceremony will be available online for some time, and we can even deliver it on a usb drive or other means.
  • While broadcasting to Youtube or Facebook we’re subject to those platforms copyright algorithms, so if you have well known popular music during your ceremony, there’s a possibility that the live broadcast is taken down.
  • It’s possible to include live DRONE footage. There’s an extra cost of €350 due to the fact that we need an extra team member to fly the drone. That footage can then be used in your film.
  • In the packages with multiple cameras, at least one or two will be stationary. This is needed to keep the number of staff low, so we don’t interfere with the film or the photography.
  • Outside ceremonies offer the best conditions to produce a broadcast. In small spaces we recommend the package with just one camera.
  • We’ll need at least one power outlet within 25 meters of the spot where we setup.
  • 600

  • One Stationary Camera
  • 1000

  • Two Cameras
  • Live Directing
  • 1500

  • Three Cameras
  • 1-2 Operators
  • Live Directing


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