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Intimate wedding in Gerês, Portugal

Elopement Geres

I remember your smile, with the sun in your eyes
And the smell of summer, the sound of the wind
I remember your shape beneath the blue sky
beneath the clouds and the whispering trees
I remember the cold grass under our backs
And the warm touch of the sun, and the freshness of the shadows
And the voices of our friends, and time stood with us.
I remember the fires we did at night,
And the view of the stars that ran like a stream
And lit our first kiss
And that dream, so simple, so impossible, so innocent.
I think about you under the stars.
Back then it was fun – now it’s love.

Let’s start with the location: Gerês. Gerês is a natural park in the north of Portugal. An elopement there can be wonderful and as cinematic as anywhere else. We just need a couple willing to explore and we can create a beautiful elopement video.

009 elopement portugal - Intimate wedding in Gerês, Portugal
© Arte Magna

An elopement is just the two of you, celebrating your love in an intimate way. When the two of you are together, you’re able to speak your heart out with no worries or judgement. You can share the planning of this small event, choosing the best place to exchange vows, how to get there, who to photograph, who will make the video, what you will be bringing, how you’ll dress and with who you’ll share it – it can be your secret event or you can bring friends or family with you. No stress, wedding planning anxiety or pandemic related , just excitement!

034 places to elope em portugal - Intimate wedding in Gerês, Portugal
© Arte Magna

An elopement video is the way to keep close to the heart the emotions felt in that day – and maybe feel it again when you celebrate your wedding with friends and family in a big party. Print some photos and send it as a remember the date or post it on Instagram  to let the world know your love is amazing and soon you’ll share it together.

068 intimate elopement in waterfall mountains in north of portugal - Intimate wedding in Gerês, Portugal
© Arte Magna

We went on an adventure with Alice and João, together with the photographers/couple Teresa and Dado from Arte Magna, explored a bit of Gerês, went up and down the rocks, had a snack at sunset, shared moments, drinks and some music. We’ll always have Alice singing “Piña Colada” with Vanessa in our memories. We’ll always have this cool synergy with Teresa and Dado, where we laugh and wrestle for the last ray of sunlight.

See all the photos of this elopement here (go on, just click it!)