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Intimate and calm wedding at Quinta de Sant’Ana

intimate and calm wedding

Intimate and calm wedding

This wedding was not an ordinary day. It was calm, filled with love and very intimate. Maria and David started their day together, in their home, all alone. They had breakfast, got their hair and make up done, as calm as a wedding morning should be. David helped Maria with her wedding dress and she made sure his tie was perfect.

We felt we were in a love bubble, all the details were very special. Maria and David made their own wedding rings (made of ceremic) with the help of David’s father!

Later in the day, David surprised Maria with a speech about love and coincidences:

“It looks like when we met it was a coincidence. It almost didn’t happen. I met a girl who I couldn’t understand if she was the most happy girl  or the most shy girl in the world. From that moment on, I knew it wasn’t a coincidence, it was our destiny. I knew I had to hold on to you, no more coincidences.”

The venue chosen was Quinta de Sant’Ana do Gradil, one of our favourites, and we had Hugo Coelho photographing. What a day! Intimate and calm wedding


Video: Vanessa & Ivo | Venue: Quinta de Sant'Ana | Photographer: Hugo Coelho | Dress: Uhma | Stationary (made by the bride and groom): David Pires & Maria Mano