How we're dealing with it and other questions

We have written about it before on our blog, but we decided to create a help page with all the info regarding this topic.


This is a question that is brought up very frequently in emails and during meetings with prospect and current clients. This is understandable – we’re experiencing a global pandemic, no one really knows when this is going away, and we’re all doing our best to plan accordingly.

As wedding vendors and business owners, we have been hit very hard by this. Our couples can’t get married or are worried about traveling and get exposed to a very dangerous virus, or to expose their friends and loved ones. Again, perfectly understandable. We ourselves are very cautious every time we have to work.

And, business aspect apart, we are regular people with a family, goals, expectations, desires, fears and responsabilities. Just like our clients.

We tried our best to be accommodating when our couples approached us during 2020 to reschedule their weddings – with just a few exceptions, almost every wedding we had in 2020 was rescheduled to 2021. Some were canceled and some were postponed indefinetely.

We didn’t charge any extra for the reschedules. As long as we were free on the new date we went ahead with the postponement. We asked our clients to honor a payment for a percentage of their balance on the original date of the wedding and most agreed.

This affected us in a very significant manner because we were booking 2021 dates (weekends during the summer are limited) with weddings from 2020 that should be booked by new clients. We did this because we understand that this is an extreme situation and we want to help our couples. As you can understand, financially, this was a very difficult decision.


Since we started back in 2012, all our clients sign a service agreement (contract) with very specific clauses regarding reschedulings and cancellations. Due to the financial strain we suffered with 2020 reschedulings we’ve updated it with some clauses regarding pandemics, but putting it very simply it boils down to this:

There’s no extra costs to rescheduling your wedding to days during the week or weekends in slow months, but weekends during the summer are limited and with high demand – we might not be available or there could be a rescheduling fee.

If you have any other questions regarding COVID-19, feel free to reach out to us. If you have questions regarding other aspects of our work, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


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