Vanessa and Ivo, Ouarzazate, 2017


And frequently asked questions
How can I book you? What’s the process?

That’s great news! Just let us know by email what’s the package and optionals you’re interested in and we’ll send you your contract for review and signing.

The payment plan is split in three tranches – 30% booking fee, 40% up until 30 days before the wedding, and the final 30% when we have your film ready for online delivery.

How will you deliver my film(s)?

First we’ll send you an online link with your film(s) and once everything’s final we’ll send you a package by mail with your films on a USB thumb drive.

How do you approach the wedding day?

We’re always looking to capture the essence and mood of a wedding – we believe that each wedding is unique.
We like to keep things simple and try not to intervene during the day. We don’t pose or direct our couples and we don’t fabricate moments for the films. We can, however, offer some pointers for specific moments because we know what we need to make a good film and we know that most couples don’t feel too confortable in front of a camera.

Do you use drones?

Yes, we use drones. You’ll find some drone footage in most of our films, but we approach drones the same way we do our regular cameras. It’s a tool to tell a story. We use drone footage mainly to show a location or provide context to our films.

How do you calculate travel expenses?

For weddings happening in Portugal we have flat rates to some of the most common destinations (€250 for Lisbon and €400 for the Algarve). Other destinations or events that span across multiple days are calculated per each case.

For international weddings we have to check flights and accommodation to make an estimate, but usually within Europe the costs average somewhere between €600 and €900.

Are the length of the films exact?

Depending on the type of films you chose in your package, we aim to deliver something within the ranges stated above, but we may deliver something shorter or longer, if we feel the story needs it.

For how long will you be at my wedding?

Each package has a number of hours of coverage. We feel that usually 10 to 12 hours is more than enough to get everything we need. The time we stay at a wedding is not an indication of how long the wedding will take, it’s just how long we’ll actually be there. You can still have fun and enjoy your time with your friends and family after we leave – you just have to plan and decide what’s important for the film.

If you need us for more time than what’s included in the package, our rates for each extra hour is €200.

Do you have dinner with us?

For typical full day weddings we’re expecting to sit down and have dinner at some point in the day. Although we don’t have to sit with your guests, we’d appreciate if this is taken care of with the catering. The ideal time of our meal is at the same time you’re having yours – that way we don’t lose anything important are we’re ready to get back to work as soon as you’re finishing your meal.

Do you shoot during dinner?

As mentioned in the question above, while you’re having dinner we usually recharge batteries, do backups, and we have our meal as well.
We shoot for a little bit while your guests are getting seated and have a little chat, but once the food starts to be served we leave.
No one likes to be filmed while eating!

Do you always film the speeches?

We don’t need the full speeches for our films, so we try to record the audio and then film some segments of the speaker and the crowd reactions. If this is something the couple really wants to be filmed in its entirety, we recommend that they book the “Full Speeches” addon. That way we’ll record it in full, with two cameras, and deliver it edited in a separate film.
Please also note that, as we explain in the question above, if the speeches happen during dinner (specially between courses) we may not be there to film it.

When can I expect my film?

We travel quite a bit during the summer so editing can take longer during the wedding season, but we pick it up fast by the last quarter. This means that the waiting time will not be the same for a wedding that happens in May or a wedding that happens in September, but on average delivery takes somewhere between 4 to 8 months.

Can I change anything in the film? What about the music?

We welcome any creative input you might have about your wedding film. However, our creative workflow implies making many different decisions on each moment of the pipeline, throughout the time we spend thinking about each film, finding the story and editing it. This includes choosing the perfect shot, the perfect moment to make a cut, the perfect song and the perfect bit of dialogue. Due to this process, it’s impossible to involve every couple in every moment or in every creative decision – there simply would be no time. That is why any creative input you might have is welcomed before we start working on your film, and changes after the film is ready are minimal (replacing or removing a shot here or there).

Music is a very important component in our films. We’ll try to gauge your musical style by the songs you choose for specific moments during the wedding day, and you’re free to send us a playlist of songs you like beforehand, but we’re limited to using songs we can license for your film. These are incredible songs that you won’t hear on the radio, and will be forever associated with your wedding film.

I have questions regarding my wedding and COVID-19

We created a page that addresses doubts about reschedulings and cancellations related to COVID-19. Click here to access it.

Do you have any other questions? Send us an email and we’ll gladly answer you!


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