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Featured Work

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Welcome! In this page you’ll find some samples of the different types of films we create.

We think it’s important to see in action what we can accomplish in each different film before deciding what is better for your wedding.

60" Instagram Promos

These are very short edits that we create as soon as we can after the wedding, sometimes just a few days after!

Elopement Films

Elopements are very small and intimate weddings, with just the couple or very close family, usually in beautiful destinations.

Elopement in Scotland

Elopement in Paris

Short Films

Our short films are usually up to 8 minutes in length. In them we try to tell the story of your wedding using as many moments of the day as we can (preparations, ceremony, speeches, party, couple shoot, cocktail hour, etc). Sometimes when couples book both films (the long and the short) we can leave some stuff out of the short film for story and rhythm purposes.

Feature Films

This is the “crème de la crème” of our films. This is the good stuff.
We know you probably found our work first by watching an Instagram teaser or a Short Film on some wedding inspiration blog, but this is the film you’ll gather your family to show. This is the one you’ll rewatch on the holidays or cold winter afternoons cuddled up under a blanket.

When compared to the short film, the feature film is a bit more chronological and we’ll revisit every moment with a bit more detail. We always try to tell the story in a different way, just like on the short film.

Our feature films are usually around 20 to 30 minutes, but we don’t focus too much on that. We just do it with the length we feel works best for each wedding.