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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can we meet?

Sure! If we’re in the same place, let’s grab a drink and talk. If not, we can skype, email or call and meet each other.


What can I expect from you?

You can expect our best. We know that it’s one of your most special days and we want you to remember it in a unique film.


What’s your style? What kind of weddings inspire you?

Our style is romantic and intimate. We believe that the most important thing is you, the couple, and your love – that’s why you’re getting married, after all!

We’re inspired by love stories, relaxed weddings with friends and family and dance floor lovers. We want big hugs, laughter until your belly hurts and to drink a caipirinha.

Watch some of our wedding films here.


How do you work on the wedding day?

We want to talk to you before the wedding day, to get to know you and to understand the family and friend ties. We move like a wedding guest. This way on the big day, you’ll almost don’t notice us, we’re discreet. The only two moments we interact more is when you’re getting ready and near the sunset, when we want to make some romantic images with you.


Do you do other work besides weddings?

We love cinema, documentaries and everything related to video. We’ve done commercials, videoclips, movies and inspiration stories.  Our main focus are wedding videos, but we’re available for other types of work.


What are your prices?

Contact us here, tell us about yourself and your wedding day and we’ll answer as quick as we can with our proposal. For reference, our packages start at € 1700.


Do you like to travel?

We love to travel. In fact we’re always travelling. We make thousand of km from the north to the south of Portugal every year and we’re lucky to make some destination weddings in Europe and the US. We’ve worked in Barcelona, Paris, Scotland, London, New York, Ibiza, Menorca, Ireland, Switzerland, Brazil and we can’t wait to repeat and add some new places to our list!


Do you charge travel and accomodation costs?

We charge travel and/or accomodation costs for weddings outside of Guimarães area. For travel abroad , we calculate it each case.


What languages do you speak?

Besides portuguese, we can talk in spanish, english and a little bit of french. Oui, on adore des croissants!


How can we book you?

If we’re available for your wedding date, we’ll send you a contract for you to read and sign. Then you’ll pay 50% of the total value and it’s official! We’re yours for the day!


What can affect the final result?

The more you give us, the more we can give back. Talk to us, be open, have a drink with us and tell us your favourite hobby.

Understand that there are other vendors on the wedding day that sometimes forget that the filmmakers exist, as some guests that really want to try their new camera.

Choose a place with lots of natural light to get ready, that’s a great way to start the day!


Can we have the raw files?

The wedding film has the best images that we shot. The raw files are the original files from the camera. They’re heavy files and at the end of the day, they fill some cards with lots of gygabites. It’s hundreds of files , some with 3 to 5 seconds, others with some minutes.

When you book us , you do it because you watched our wedding films and you loved it. Not because of the 7 shots we made trying to get the perfect plan of the decor.


How long does it take to have my wedding film?

We need some quality time to edit your wedding film with love and inspiration. We’re crafting a special memory and we don’t want to rush it. We usually start editing in October, when we’re calmer from the wedding season. Usually the wedding films take from 4 to 8 months to deliver.


Can I choose the music for my wedding film?

We use licensed music, so we can have artistic freedom to choose the best for your wedding film. From the moment we meet until the wedding day, we understand what are your likes and dislikes on music.


Where are you based?

We’re based in Guimarães (where Portugal was born!), but we travel anywhere in Portugal and we’re available worldwide.


How do you deliver the films?

We deliver it in a usb thumb drive and a beautiful package by hand or  mail.