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Color Grading LUTs

We hand craft our own looks for our videos. Over the years several friends and followers started asking about our grading process for our Wedding Films so we decided to create and compile some of our looks and make them accessible to everyone.

We have two collections: SB Luts and The Compass Luts, and you can visit our online store and discover more about what we have to offer. These are compatible with any camera that can record in a Neutral style (Sony A7, A7s, A7s II, a6300, a6500, Panasonic GH4 or GH5, and most Canons that shoot video), and you can use them in most NLE’s and other video software (Premiere, Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, etc).

Scroll down and see the previews of each collection, and an in-depth video for our most recent collection, The Compass LUTs.