Nobody really knows when are things going back to normal, and actually, nobody knows what the new “normal” is going to look like.

At a time when the wedding industry is under the spotlight – we talked with the journalist of a portuguese newspaper about it (Dinheiro Vivo ) – and people are starting to talk about how weddings can resume in Portugal, we have to ask ourselves: do the couples want to get married in 2020?

What about us? Are we capable to offer our best work to those couples?

If you’re saying YES, let’s do it! We’re with you in this adventure and we’ll make the best of it.

Nevertheless, we want to show you something different. It’s not a replacement, but an option.

Elopement or Micro-Wedding

An elopement is a wedding with just the two of you.

Ella & Jim’ s Elopement, at Sublime Comporta 

An elopement is a choice made by an increasing number of couples to celebrate their love.

We’re not saying to leave your friends and family behind. Keep your wedding plans, celebrate your big day with them. It’s going to be an important and beautiful day in your lives.

But the elopement is an option for you to celebrate your love this year still – with no worries, no masks and little planning.

An elopement or Micro-Wedding is customized

The elopement can be with just the two of you or with your close family and friends. 

Ana & Lucas’s Elopement  – 9 people and 2 dogs. Watch the video  and the photos here.

An elopement doesn’t have to be an official ceremony, it can be a symbolic ceremony where you read vows to each other and it can be  done by a friend!

Jessica & Nathan’s Elopement in Paris was celebrated by a close friend.

You can watch the video here and the photos here.

An elopement can be a breath of fresh air

An elopement can be the perfect solution to the anxiety of having your wedding on stand by.

Lynn & Matt felt overwhelmed with the wedding planning in 2017, so they chose to come to Portugal, just the two of them, exchanged vows at Bussaco Palace. had a couple of days of vacation and returned home happier. Later, they had a wedding party and shared with their guests the video we made on that day.

Chelsea & Brandon had a similar experience with the wedding planning and they decided to elope in Scotland with their parents and her grandmother, in December. It was a quick decidion and they’ve contacted us us only three weeks prior to the day. They spent three days in Scotland, had a whisky tasting, and had a beautiful and very emotional ceremony, blessed by rain. The video is one of our favorites ever.

Chelsea and Brandon’s Elopement in Scotland.

It’s a cheaper option

An elopement can be a cheaper option. You can leave behind lots of details that you would normally choose for a traditional wedding. It’s a shorter day, usually it has no catering or cake, can happen on a weekday and most of the vendors have lower prices for elopements. Some vendor’s can drop to almost 50% – ours does!

The elopement as an option

The planning of  a wedding can be a wonderful experience, but at a time where both couples and vendors look at the calendar as a puzzle, trying to fit 2020 wedding postponements and 2021 weddings (realizing that there’s not enough weekends to everyone!), an elopement can be an option to live a special day with the person you love, wear the dress or the suit, exchange sweet words and have beautiful  wedding photos and video.

And after all this goes away, when the world starts spinning again, you can have your wedding day, exactly as you’ve imagined.