The best of 2017…what a great year we had. We had lots of weddings all over the country – from Guimarães to the Algarve and Azores! – and we went to Paris and Marrakech. We had vacations for the first time – since we started this new adventure of wedding video – and we feel truly blessed.

Thank you to our awesome couples for your love, your patience and for sharing your lives with us.

Thank you to the vendors, who we meet along the way and who are the nicest people we know.

Thank you to our friends and family for your patience and care because you almost don’t see us during the wedding season.

Thank you to our cats, Rorschach and Baunilha, and our dog Kira, you’re part of our family.

Thank you for watching our videos, for sharing and for the sweet and good words you always have about what we do.

Have an awesome 2018!