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A wedding in Lisbon | Marqueses da Fronteira

Wedding Palacio Marques da Fronteira

A wedding in Lisbon with fado, sun, tiles and world history. When we met Meaghan and Fernando they had a mix of knowledge and amazement for Lisbon and for Portugal. They had bits of Portugal in their soul and Lisbon was the perfect place for them to get married. We visited Alfama in a winter day and we explored everycorner to get a perfect Lisbon postcard. On their wedding day at Palácio Marquês da Fronteira (our second time visiting this place and we love it!) , Meaghan got ready in one of the beautiful rooms with big windows, lots of space and her bridesmaids close by. Fernando chose a cool downtown Lisbon airbnb to host his friends and family getting ready before the ceremony.

The Lisbon palace is a beautiful background for the elegant cocktail and the guests have the chance to stroll in its beautiful gardens and fountains with blue tiles.

This perfect day ended with the best DJs around – Jukebox blasted dance music to end a great wedding party!

Hey guys, We miss you! Thank you for sending this title snippet, it’s gotten us even more excited to see the final product. You guys are incredible and we are so grateful it was you two there with us on this day. You were right about everything. Everything was effortless and seamless. You guys said we wouldn’t even notice you were there and to be honest, most of the time I didn’t but when I did, I was so happy to notice you were there. It made me so happy to see you guys. You fit in so well with the crowd and your presence made us feel at ease rather than putting us on edge.  (…) You two are the perfect team and I mean that sincerely. When I saw videos that our guests took from outside of the church, you guys would pop up in the screen and when I look back you guys were part of the crowd- part of our friends and family.  We really had the perfect day. This isn’t the last you will hear from us. We have so much we want to share and say to you guys and we have so much gratitude. We are also coming to visit the next time we’re in town! Talk soon! Xo