2021 was our 10th year shooting weddings, and it started slowly.
Due to the pandemic, many of our weddings were postponed to later in the year. That meant that in May, June, July and August we only had 7 weddings. Still, we started in the Azores and ended in Paris.
And then September arrived. We had just moved. We left Kira at the pet hotel and flew to Austria, with all our stuff still packed back home.
What followed is just a blur.

From Austria we came back to shoot five weddings in eight days, back and forth between Lisbon and Porto. From that last wedding in Lisbon we drove straight to the Airport and flew to Mallorca. We came back to shoot a 2-day wedding in Sintra and drove straight to Seville for the rehearsal dinner of the next wedding. Two events on consecutive days, separated by a 500km drive.
During those days our car was parked at the Seville airport, from where we flew to Scotland. Landed at night, picked up our rental and drove a few hours towards the Highlands, were we shot a very wet and windy elopement. We’ll show more about this very soon.
From Scotland we flew to the south of France for that weekend’s wedding, and eventually made our way back to Seville to pick up our car and drove back to Lisbon for the next job.
October, even though we shot seven weddings, was unwinding. The longest trip was to the Algarve. We started to unpack our stuff from the moving boxes. Kira was back with us. We started to go through the mountain of emails.
November and December saw the last two weddings of the year, and the last one happening on the last day of the year.
We still have some boxes to unpack, but looking back we realized we had our greatest adventure yet.
Thank you to all the colleagues we met along the way, and of course, the couples that trust us and allow us to live these amazing things.
And in the end, like Teresa Paula Brito’s words in the song, “Era o amor” — “it was love”.