2018 was a long year.

We started the year with our Something Blue Workshop, had a long and hot season, and in the end, when we thought the year was over, we went to Paris in November and Scotland in December to shoot two incredible weddings.

We went to Brasil were we spoke at Wedding Prime, and we made our dream trip to NYC.

But the year wasn’t just walking around.

2018 was a year filled with teachings.

2018 was a year with highs and lows. Those who work in this industry know the rollercoaster of emotions we go through – somedays you’re awesome, the next you’re nobody.

In 2018, Google tells us we visited 72 cities in 9 countries and we travelled 62.697kms (39.000 miles!). That’s 1,5 trips around the world. We could feel it whenever we had the chance to take our shoes off and jump on the couch.

Now, with more time, we’re editing 2018 movies and we revisit what happened. We had the luck of being at the weddings of 30 beautiful couples, each with their own story, each special in their own way, and each and every one of these weddings brought us so much joy.

And it was so nice to spend time with our friends and colleagues that we meet along the way, some for the first time!

Now, in retrospective…


2018 was an awesome year.