Color Grading – SB LUTs

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We decided to release this pack because we kept receiving questions about our grading process.

These LUTs are not “cinematic” or “film like”. These are just looks that we created over time, that we like and use daily in our movies.

In this pack you’ll find :

12 creative LUTs – 9 in color, and 3 in black and white.
4 technical LUTs – you can use the LUTs even if you already filmed with another preset.
– Convert S-log2 to Neutral;
– Convert Cine2 to Neutral;
– Convert Cine4 to Neutral;
– BONUS: Convert DJI Mavic D-Cinelike to Sony Neutral (this way you can match your drone footage and grade it with these LUTs)

This LUTs are specially made for images shot in Neutral with Sony cameras. I’m sure the results will be similar with any other camera that shoots neutral.

Made for the a7s, a7s ii, a6000, a6300 and a6500, but you can try with footage made with other cameras.

You can find more information about this package on our online store.